Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pokégod {LOTD}

Body: Maitreya Lara
Head: CATWA - Jessica
Skin: Pink Fuel - Vamp Doll V2
Shape: Custom
Hair: .Entwined. - Grace
Outfit: FATEplay - GO Play outfit {GnN}
Shoes: .:KC:. Harlem Sneakers

No extras. TEAM MYSTIC <3

All these Pokétrainers, I know that they got nothing on me
I will be a master, yes, that is the future I foresee
You might think I'm pretty or you may say that I'm sweet
But please don't let that fool you because I plan to be the Elite

Pray for your life as I'm walking by
I don't know why trainers try
Got Charmander by my side
Want me to teach you?
I don't need your guide!
I'm simply amazing and I got this Ember blazing
You Bug Catchers are so fucked
Your stupid team all destruct
Cause I caught a Pidgeotto, bitches want a photo
Thinking I'm hot, like "look at that flow though"
Yeah, I'm gonna be the very best like nobody ever was, because
I'm gonna catch 'em all in my Poké Ball
I am gonna rise but I will not fall
Take over this whole region
You wanna talk shit, well, what's up?!I just got my first Pokémon today
And I can not wait to fight and slay
All the basic Trainers in my way
I'm the predator and you're my prey

I am flier than a Zubat
Walk around with my backwards hat
Whipping hoes like a purple rat
What the fuck are y'all looking at?
I'm the ultimate Pokéballer
Running champion Pokébrawler
Got a million Pokédollar
I'm the smartest, im a Poké-scholar
Training everyday, even on the weekend
That's the only way I'm ever gonna ascend
Cause I'm pretty sure that I am a godsend
Gonna catch 'em all, I ain't even gonna pretend
I'm killing it, feeling it, showing up, stealing it
Magikarp reeling it, on my bike wheelin' it!
Taking over this bit by bit
If you wanna talk shit, well, what's up?!

You walk up to me and I am gonna put this simply
But if we battle, then you are my fucking enemy
I'll destroy your whole team and i think you'll agree
That I'm the Pokégod, so, bitch you better bow to me

I just got my first Pokémon today
Now I'm the predator and you're my prey

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