Friday, October 7, 2016

Nightmare {LOTD}

Body: Maitreya Lara
Head: CATWA - Jessica
Skin: Pink Fuel - Vamp Doll V2
Shape: Custom
Hair: SpellBound - Sacred Rite {Memento Mori}
Top: epoch. Boned Bustier {Mad Circus}
Bottoms: epoch. Kya Panties

.:V:. Risen Eyes {Suicide Dollz}
Le Morte - Disasterology Glasses
EarthStones - Spider Cascade {TLC}
epoch. Shadow Socks {TNE}

Dragged ya down below
Down to the devil's show
To be his guest forever
Peace of mind is less than never
Hate to twist your mind
But God ain't on your side
An old acquaintance severed
Burn the world your last endeavor
Flesh is burning
You can smell it in the air
'Cause men like you have
Such easy soul to steal (steal)
So stand in line while
They ink numbers in your head
You're now a slave
Until the end of time here
Nothing stops the madness,
Turning, haunting, yearning
Pull the trigger
You should have known
The price of evil
And it hurts to know
That you belong here, yeah
Ooh, it's your fuckin' nightmare

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