Wednesday, August 3, 2016

StarTear {LOTD}

Body: Slink Physque
Head: CATWA - Jessica
Skin: Pink Fuel - Vamp Doll V2
Shape: Custom
Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Jozi Hair {Gacha Garden}
Outfit: [Glitzz] Maiko Dress - White/Blossom Pink {Gacha Garden}
Shoes: REIGNxFLITE. - Pulse Plats {Epiphany}

M E O W Poses - Badass Pose 3
:Z.S: Tesha Piercing
[ abrasive ] Ribbon Leg Band - Kitten {Gacha Garden}
[Glitzz] Maiko Hair Accessorie2 {Gacha Garden}
[TWC] - Eyed

I wish to numb my heart, to numb my heart
Against the pain and take it away
Because there must be more than this

Those countless times I gave up all hope
Because I couldn’t change what’s behind me
I hid inside my shell from the world
Out of sight, tucked away so that no one could see

Once again I feel all of the pain rise inside
Rushing back to me like an unstoppable tide
I don’t need the warmth and no I don’t need the pain
I’m fine without this thing called love

I wish to numb my heart, to numb my heart
Against the pain and take it away
So I can overcome the dark
Just like a shooting star in the sky

Into the deep I sink, nearing the brink
My heart and soul succumb to the fall
I try to scream but there’s no sound
So I accept I won’t be found
But then I hear your voice calling, I’m no longer falling but rising up
As you pull me to the light

The world I knew, once quiet and grey
Began to change when you looked my way
I thought for sure my heart wouldn’t heal
But I guess you have made the impossible real

Look me in the eyes and make my heart skip a beat
Fill my world with color and set my spirit free
I was never falling, I was swept off my feet
The very moment you reached me

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